The original selfie.

Hi! I'm Alex Mount.


I laugh too hard at things that aren't especially funny, including myself. I have more energy than I know what to do with, I enjoy getting lost and am known to be a bit stubborn.

When I Rule the World:

Teleportation research will top my agenda. I'm quite upset that it is 2016 and we cannot teleport yet. Pollution, hunger, and peace could all benefit from this. Plus, it would be beyond cool. Think about it...

Also, it will only be winter in New York City from Thanksgiving until New Years. During which time it will snow every day. Not enough to cause a mess, or a build up of gross black city snow. Just enough to make everything festive & beautiful. However, once January 1st comes along it will be warm enough for me to wear flip flops. (Please note: this is only in New York City. This does not apply to any location where winter sports may be affected.)

P.S. I am a Designer and Art Director. I like cool fonts, crisp photography, & beautiful layouts...But, you already knew that.